somewhere nice is a video and performative work by Harald Beharie and Louis Schou-Hansen made for Sandefjord Kunstforening, 2023. It is a strange little family, a mashup of sensual moving sculptures, fantasies of queer renaissance paintings, and cruisy patterns with subtle traces of undefined desires.

Somewhere Nice is a porous exercise in interpersonal sensibilities, intimacies, and physical connections. It is an ongoing artistic practice based on local relationships that want to resist any form of stagnation. And, in a continuous current, it craves to build new and queerer ways of spending time together.

The work has been carved out through our intimate meeting with Arne and Rune and their generous contributions, two icons from the Sandefjord queer community.

Performers: Harald Beharie, Louis Schou-Hansen, Arne Skalleberg and Rune Berg Johansen