Photo: Phillip Mcleod

Harald Beharie(he/they) is a Norwegian-Jamaican performer and choreographer based in Oslo.

While applying various formats and contexts his practice looks into alternative modes of being, dancing and existing together while questioning notions of normativity. Harald holds an interest for the unpolished, the DIY and vulnerability of being in the unknowing. His choreographic practice unfolds in various constellations with other artists using dance as a medium for creating elusive spaces of ambivalence and fantasy, oscillating between deconstruction and construction, optimism and doubt, apathy and affect.

Some of the leading interests in his work at the moment are dissecting known physical narratives and opening for a conscious naivety and playfulness while indulging into practice of the pathetic, collapsing, joyful, failing and persistent body. Haralds focus is being with local people, local ideas, and developing ideas with and within the community.

Haralds work has received nominations for the Norwegian Critics Association prize for the performances " Shine Utopians" with Louis Schou (2020) and the solo work Batty Bwoy (2022). In 2023 Batty Bwoy won the Hedda prize for “best dance production”. 

Some of the artists he has collaborated with are Kristin Helgebostad, Francois Chaignaud, Ingri Fiksdal, Bouchra Ouizguen, Pieter Ampe, Marcelo Evelin, Hooman Sharifi and Mia Habib. From 2016-2019 he was also a part of Carte Blanche - The Norwegian National company of contemporary dance.

Together with Julie Moviken and Charlott Utzig he is a part of the performance collective - De Naive. The group mainly works with dance practice as soft activism - inviting and invading public space with social performances.

Haralds work has been presented in museums, galleries, festivals and contexts including:

Impulstanz, Centrale Fies, Les Urbaines, Lausanne, SPRING festival, Utrecht, Donau Festival, MDT, Stockholm, Zodiak -Helsinki, Santarcangelo Festival, Stavanger Kunstmuseum, Oktoberdans BIT-teatergarasjen, Bergen, Dansens Hus, Oslo, Munch Museum, Oslo, Vigeland Museum, Oslo, RAS, Sandnes, Filmbyen, Aarhus, Galleri Entrée, Bergen, Tou Scene, Stavanger, Ravnedans, Kristiansand, Kunstnerforbundet, Oslo, Øyafestivalen, Oslo ,Trondheim Kunstmuseum and Ekebergparken, Oslo