Undersang is a dreaming speculation encompassing ownership and belonging to “nature” - our common landscape, and the cultural attachment we give to these images.

Undersang is a hybrid of choreography, choir, sculptures  and a trip to the forest. A sculptural choir based on floating sonic structures, dissonance and polyphony, where voices create a soundscape and physical space through vibrations, distance and unity. In a gathering of nine performing artists and local singers we will create a sensual and attentive world of “black togetherness”. A place where binary divisions, racialized violence has never existed - a place where glamorous beings sing and vibrate in the night.

Harald Beharie

Scenography, sculptures
Karoline Bakken Lund and Veronica Bruce

Composer, sound 
Christian Beharie

Loan Ha, Mariama Slåttøy, Carlisle Sienes, Jens Trinidad, Nosizwe Baqwa, Amie Mbye, Mimmi Tamba

Black Box Teater(Oslo) BIT (Bergen) Rosendal Teater (Trondheim) RAS (Sandnes) TOU (Stavanger)

In the Norwegian context, the landscape has been a strong pillar and common denominator in the building of the nation. From monumental and majestic images of mountains with white bodies in traditional costumes, to folk tunes from the fjord, the landscape has been a powerful tool in the construction of a common Norwegian national identity. 

In Undersang we create a counterfactual story - A perceptible and sensual world where together we provide fertile ground for a new landscape. A hidden magic and power, a dissolution of time, bending tradition and binary antonyms like nature and society — civilized and uncivilized. Drenched in black excellence and in a new "queer ecology", we carve out possibilities for our collective landscape.